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Driver Fatigue Monitoring & Alarming System Vuemate DL220A

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  • Size140 * 85 * 65 mm
  • Weight40 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

[Dinalog Inc]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information


│ Overview │

The Vuemate, launched as the nation’s first product, comes with high performance SOC and 2M pixel image processor, detecting a driver’s abnormal symptoms like drowsiness, negligence in keeping eyes forward, and face departure by monitoring in real-time the driver’s eye size and face movement to the directions of left/right, up/down, and tilting. It cognitively alerts the driver to the danger of those symptoms by both the operation status LED and the alarming buzzer.

│ Major Features and functions │

  • Intelligent monitoring algorithm for the driver’s position, distance, face, and eyes.
  • Cognitive operational scenario for detecting drowsiness, negligence in keeping eyes forward, distractedness, and face departure, then early warning by both the LED light and the alarming buzzer.
  • Backup the driver’s database, automatically analyzing the driver’s position and eyes open rate, etc.
  • Regular glasses/sunglasses detectable(except the thickly horn-rimmed glasses and sunglasses with dark colors)
  • Interoperability with external devices, such as notebook PCs, navigators, and car DVR, etc.
  • Firmware for enhancements and features upgradable by a USB port
  • Exclusive rotating cradle(all around turning): easy install and adjust

│ Specifications │

  • High-performance ARM core CPU
  • 2M pixel high-resolution CMOS image processor
  • Flash memory(8MB) - Infrared LEDs available at night and in tunnels
  • 3-color operational state LED (in green/blue/red)
  • Micro buzzer alarming at maximum 78dB
  • Interfaces with 12C, UART, SPI, and USB(UVC)
  • Protection circuitry for ever-voltage/current, inverse voltage, and minimized ripple noises
  • Works with both 12V and 24V fitting to any auto vehicles

│ Other Information │

  • 2013 PIN UPP Design Award
  • Slim and light-weighted compact design
  • High-glossy IV coating and a transparent cradle with the mirror-glossy lapping
  • Luxurious jewelry gift box
  • KC/CE/FCC fully certified & RoHS compliance
  • Recommended operating temperatures at -20 ˚C to 70 ˚C
  • Physical dimensions at 60x50x20mm
  • Net weights at 30g

│ Applications │

│ Vuemate Detail Page │

We have launched a sophisticated driver state monitoring system first time in Korea!
This safe driver alert system sill keep you company in comfortable and safe driving!

Another protection for my safe driving!
Another sense for safety

Now you can have in tour car a top-of the-line technology for safety driving that has only been adopted for luxury cars!

│ Sequence │

>> Install
Reference at the mid-point of eyes when the driver looks straight ahead

  • Space: left and right sides on the windshield (10to 15cm above the dashboards)
  • Width: between two shoulders of the driver (within +/-25 degrees)
  • Height: between the driver and the product (60~920cm)

>> Setting

  • When power is applied to the product, the system is initialized for 10 second and starts to scan the driver’s face.
  • When the driver’s face is detected in the center of the camera screen, the product proceeds to collect information on his face(such as location of face and sizes of eyes) for 30 seconds
  • When the collection of information is completed normally, the product start to monitor drowsiness and negligence in keeping eyes forward.


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